Arizona students raise nearly $10K for heart surgery for teacher’s wife: ‘Made me cry’

Arcadia High School in Phoenix witnessed a remarkable display of compassion as its students rallied to support their beloved teacher, Clayton Guy.

According to Fox News Digital, the students noticed a subtle change in Mr. Guy’s usual upbeat demeanor during the previous school year.

The reason for this shift became evident when the dedicated educator, who has been part of the school since 2004, shared the news that his wife, Angel, required a crucial open heart procedure due to a discovered blockage. Recognizing the significance of this moment, the students decided to take action.

With determination and a heartwarming sense of unity, the students approached Mr. Guy and sought his approval to launch a GoFundMe campaign. Their goal was clear: to raise funds that would help alleviate the burden of Angel’s medical expenses.

“I was just honored,” said Guy. “It kind of made me cry. People were so kind.”

The admirable initiative gained momentum as the school community banded together to contribute, displaying their collective empathy and support.

Thanks to the generosity and collective efforts of the Arcadia High School community, the campaign achieved remarkable success.

So far, over $10,000 has been raised.

The fundraising efforts resulted in a substantial sum, which played a pivotal role in ensuring that Angel received the medical care she needed.

Following a successful surgical procedure, Angel is now on a promising path to recovery, demonstrating the resilience that characterizes both her and her husband, Mr. Guy.

She told the station she was “overjoyed” and “couldn’t believe” the students’ extraordinary act of kindness.

“… they did it on their own. They did it without prompting from a teacher or anybody else,” said Angel, 59.

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