Colleen Hoover books in order

A Journey Through Colleen Hoover’s Books: A Recommended Reading Order

Colleen Hoover is a highly acclaimed contemporary romance author whose captivating storytelling and emotionally charged narratives have won the hearts of millions of readers around the world.

With a talent for crafting characters that feel incredibly real and tackling deep, relevant themes, Hoover’s books are a rollercoaster of emotions that leave readers yearning for more.

If you’re a fan of romance, heartwarming tales, and unforgettable plots, this article will guide you through the best reading order for Colleen Hoover’s books.

Slammed (2012)

Embark on your Colleen Hoover journey with her debut novel, “Slammed.” This heartfelt story revolves around Layken Cohen, a young woman who moves to Michigan with her mother and younger brother after the sudden death of her father. There, she meets Will Cooper, her attractive and talented next-door neighbor, who also happens to be her high school poetry teacher. As their lives intertwine, they discover love, loss, and the power of words to heal. “Slammed” sets the stage for Hoover’s signature style and emotional depth.

Point of Retreat (2012)

The journey of Layken and Will continues in “Point of Retreat,” the sequel to “Slammed.” This book explores the complexities of a blossoming relationship, facing challenges together, and overcoming past traumas. As they confront unexpected obstacles, their love is put to the test, forcing them to redefine what truly matters.

This Girl (2013)

To complete the Slammed series, immerse yourself in “This Girl.” This novel revisits Layken and Will’s story from Will’s perspective, delving into his thoughts, feelings, and insecurities. Witness the heartwarming moments and challenges they faced throughout their journey, providing a deeper understanding of their relationship and personal growth.

Hopeless (2012)

Prepare to be emotionally moved by “Hopeless,” a tale of love, loss, and healing. The story follows Sky, who has been homeschooled her whole life and decides to attend public school for her senior year. There, she meets the mysterious and captivating Holder, and together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, unearthing dark secrets and finding hope in the face of despair.

Losing Hope (2013)

“Losing Hope” is a companion novel to “Hopeless” that tells the story from Holder’s perspective. This heart-wrenching rendition offers new insights into his character and the emotional turmoil he faces while trying to protect Sky and heal from his own past.

Maybe Someday (2014)

“Maybe Someday” ventures into the world of music, bringing two souls together through their shared passion. Sydney finds herself homeless after discovering her boyfriend’s infidelity and becomes intrigued by Ridge, her talented musician neighbor. As they collaborate on creating music, an intense and forbidden connection develops, challenging their loyalty and emotions.

Ugly Love (2014)

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster with “Ugly Love,” where Tate Collins finds herself falling for her brother’s best friend, Miles Archer. Miles is haunted by a past that keeps him from pursuing a meaningful relationship, but fate intervenes, and their passionate affair threatens to unravel both their lives.

Confess (2015)

In “Confess,” art and romance merge in a heart-rending story about Auburn Reed and Owen Gentry. Auburn is a young woman seeking a fresh start, while Owen is an artist with a unique way of creating his masterpieces. The secrets they harbor and the confessions they make intertwine their lives in ways they never anticipated.

November 9 (2015)

“November 9” takes readers on a journey of love and fate as Fallon meets Ben on November 9th, a day that becomes pivotal in both their lives. They decide to meet on the same date every year, even if life takes them on different paths. This soul-stirring novel explores the complexities of timing, love, and second chances.

It Ends with Us (2016)

One of Colleen Hoover’s most powerful works, “It Ends with Us” tackles sensitive and profound themes. Lily Bloom’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon with a complicated past. As their relationship deepens, Lily finds herself torn between her feelings and the need to protect herself from harm. This novel is a poignant exploration of love, resilience, and making difficult choices.


Colleen Hoover’s books offer a captivating journey through love, heartache, and self-discovery. Each novel is a masterpiece of emotional storytelling, making it difficult to choose just one.

Whether you are starting with her debut “Slammed” series, exploring the intertwined tales in “Maybe Someday” and “Ugly Love,” or delving into her more profound works like “It Ends with Us,” each book will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

So, pick up any of these titles and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Colleen Hoover’s beautifully crafted stories.