Cops ‘catch Daniel Khalife’ but it turns out to be innocent man waiting for train

In a dramatic turn of events, frantic police officers believed they had apprehended the escaped terror suspect, Daniel Abed Khalife, only to make a rather embarrassing u-turn when they discovered it was an innocent commuter waiting for a train.

Daniel Khalife, aged 22, had been awaiting trial for terror-related charges and violations of the Official Secrets Act. On the morning of September 6, he managed to escape from Wandsworth Prison in southwest London, employing a daring method.

Khalife, a former member of the British Army, clung upside down to the undercarriage of a delivery truck departing from the penitentiary.

Amid intense global attention on the Metropolitan Police, they initially believed they had successfully captured Khalife.

However, their high-stakes operation took an unexpected twist when officers descended upon an unsuspecting traveler at Banbury station in Oxfordshire earlier today. To their chagrin, it swiftly became evident that this individual was not Daniel Khalife.

In an embarrassing twist of events, the innocent man was initially arrested but promptly released when officers determined that he was not the elusive terror suspect they had been pursuing.

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