America’s most inbred family unveil adorable blue-eyed great grandson as newest member

In a captivating update from the world of the Whittaker family in West Virginia, renowned filmmaker Mark Laita of the YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly has shed light on the family’s ongoing journey, likening their story to scenes reminiscent of the iconic movie “Deliverance.”

Laita, who previously delved into the Whittaker family’s life for a documentary project, ventured back to their humble abode in the town of Odd.

This time, he decided to accompany them to the local state fair, revealing an exciting addition to their family tree – Braxton, the brand-new great-grandson.

Braxton is the second child of Brandon, a 20-year-old who diligently works in mine maintenance to support his growing family. As captured in the video, Brandon shares that he’s also a proud father to a baby girl.

In a heartwarming moment, Laita approaches the rustic wooden porch of their home and eagerly inquires, “Who’s the little baby?” It’s here that we’re introduced to the newest member of the Whittaker clan, Braxton.

This glimpse into the Whittaker family’s life showcases the enduring bonds and milestones that continue to shape their unique story. As they welcome Braxton, a new chapter unfolds in the life of this extraordinary American family.

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