Burlingame thrift shop manager finds $5,000, returns it to person who lost it

In the heart of Burlingame, California, a thrift store owner faced a moral dilemma that would test his integrity. Oliver Jolis, a dedicated worker at the Pick Of The Litter Thrift Shop, which raises funds for injured and orphaned animals through its profits channeled to the Peninsula Humane Society, discovered an unexpected treasure amid a pile of donated clothes.

As Jolis diligently sorted through the recent clothing donations, he stumbled upon a piece of clothing that proved to be more than just fabric and thread; it held a substantial surprise.

Hidden within the folds of an old shirt was an astonishing $5,000 in cash. This serendipitous discovery left Jolis with a choice that revealed his unwavering commitment to honesty.

“Money just started falling out,” Jolis told CBS News. “It kept falling and falling. I was like ‘This is a decent amount of money here’.”

Amid the currency, he also found an old piece of paper containing car insurance information, seemingly forgotten by the donor.

Jolis, determined to do the right thing, decided to embark on a mission to track down the rightful owner of this substantial sum. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, he enlisted the support of his dedicated coworkers in this noble endeavor.

With the retrieved car insurance information in hand, Jolis and his team embarked on a quest to find the person to whom this windfall rightfully belonged.

They initiated contact with the individual, asking a series of questions designed to confirm her identity. Remarkably, the woman not only provided the correct answers but also exhibited the same level of integrity by acknowledging the money as her own.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told the news outlet: “He could have just put the money in his pocket and that was the end of the day and nobody would have known but he didn’t.”

“Whatever you do in this world comes back to you ten times, be it negativity or positivity, it comes back,” she added.

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