WTF: Louisiana Hospital Denies Abortion Of A Fetus Without Skull

Recently, a news went viral on reddit, the news was as bizzare as it can be. It read, “Louisiana Hospital Denies Abortion Of A Fetus Without Skull”. Let’s dig deep & find out more about it.

Source: r/news


So, Nancy Davis, a Baton Rouge resident went to a hospital after finding out she’s pregnant at her test done at home. She went to hospital to check on her child, but there was a problem, the doctors while checking on her baby found no skull.

Anxious Nancy was then consoled by doctors that this is a rare case, but is exception under Louisiana’s abortion laws. Davis then 10 weeks into pregnancy, prepared for a abortion. But, there was another sad news awaiting.

When she visited the doctors, they denied abortion & said it’s only possible if she got the diagnosis of acrania, a rare and fatal condition. Acrania doesn’t appears in Louisiana’s accepted conditions for abortion. But, the state does has a broad excption for any “profound and irremediable congenital or chromosomal anomaly”. Source:


A lot of users reacted to the news, mist of them where sad & gave consolation to Nancy.

One user wrote, “That is just so f*cking sad. That poor woman.”.

Another user wrote, “Many women are going to die, many women will suffer needlessly. This is a nightmare”.

A user pointed out, It literally took less than 2 months before basically every single worst case scenario has happened. Forced birthers aren’t just wrong they are awful and cruel human beings.”