Woman Tries To Bring ‘Emotional Support Boa Constrictor’ Onto Plane In Tampa

A US lady attempted to board an aircraft with a four-foot snake she said was a “emotional support pet.”

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Tampa International Airport reported that the unidentified woman attempted to bypass security by concealing her pet boa constrictor inside her carry-on luggage.

(Image credit: TSA_Northeast/Twitter)

She placed her luggage through the x-ray machine, which is how authorities found the snake.

On Friday, a TSA representative tweeted about the event from December. According to Lisa Farbstein, security personnel were shocked to see a snake coiling inside a passenger’s suitcase.

The traveller identified the snake as Bartholomew, her emotional support snake.

After receiving a notification from TSA, the airline ruled that no one could bring snakes on board.

All airlines, according to TSA, restrict bringing snakes in carry-on luggage. Only a few of them permit snakes, appropriately packed, to slither around in checked baggage.

Even though this specific boa constrictor was not allowed to fly, other snakes have succeeded in doing so over the years.

A snake was discovered by passengers on a February 2022 AirAsia aircraft from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau in Malaysia, leading to a diversion.

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