Who Owns Starbucks? (2022)

Starbucks Corporation is a Seattle, Washington-based global American chain of coffee shops and roasteries. It is the biggest chain of coffee shops in the world.

The corporation operated 33,833 locations as of November 2021, with 15,444 of those being in the United States. Over 8,900 of Starbucks’ U.S. locations are company-operated, while the remaining ones are licenced.

Who Owns Starbucks?

Approximately 90.5 million Starbucks shares, or 7.7% of the company’s outstanding shares with a market value of close to $6.0 billion, are held by Vanguard’s funds.

Who founded Starbucks?

Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker established Starbucks in 1971 at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

They sold the firm to Howard Schultz in the early 1980s, who decided to turn the coffee bean store into a coffee shop offering espresso-based drinks after going on a business trip to Milan, Italy.