Who Owns Samsung?

Samsung is a South Korean company and in South Korea, often companies ownerships are complicated. The same is the case with Samsung, the group includes various companies, most of which carry the Samsung brand. Samsung Electronics is one of Samsung group’s associated companies and largest among them.

Samsung Electronics is a massive company, with worldwide presence. Some people wonder about ownership status of Samsung. So, who owns Samsung?

While Samsung group is a private entity, Samsung Electronics is a listed company. Hence, Samsung Electronics is not owned by any other corporation and it is owned by its shareholders. Shareholders with more shares technically own more of the company.

Top Shareholders in Samsung

Jay Y. Lee is the only son of Lee Kun-hee, the former Samsung boss who served as Samsung’s chairman until his death in 2020. Jay Y. Lee succeeded him and is current chairman of Samsung.

Jay Y. Lee

Jay Y. Lee

Jay Y. Lee current net worth is $7.7 billion and he is the second richest person in South Korea. In 2021, he was convicted for bribery and embezzlement and since then serving his prison sentence.

Foreign institutional investors own most of the company, which at the end of 1 quarter 2022 stands at 51%.

Domestic Institutional and retail combined holding stands at 28% in the same period.

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