Who Owns Comcast? (2022)

Comcast is the second largest cable television and broadcasting company in the United States. The company is also the largest cable TV company and the largest home internet service provider in the United States.

Among the company’s several valuable assets, NBCUniversal, Xfinity and Sky Group are the most notable.

The company’s sheer size makes people wonder about the ownership of the company.

Let’s find out who the real owner of Comcast Corporation is.

Who Owns Comcast?

Comcast is owned by Brian L. Roberts. Brian owns just 1% economic interest in the company but owns a majority of 33% of the voting power in the company.

The Vanguard Group, an asset management firm, owns a majority of 9.03% of Comcast Corporation. In 2021, Comcast made $14.16 billion in profits on top of revenues of $116 billion.

Who founded Comcast?

Comcast was founded by Ralph J. Roberts in 1963 when he, along with his two business partners, purchased American Cable Systems from Jerrold Electronics.

Modern Comcast was founded in 1969, when the company was incorporated in Pennsylvania under its new name. In 1990, Ralph’s son Brian succeeded him, and the company expanded tremendously.