Who Owns Cartoon Network? (2022)

Cartoon Network, or CN, is an American kids’ channel. The channel is available to about 94 million American households, which makes it one of the most subscribed channels.

But have you ever wondered, who owns cartoon network or who founded it?

If yes, then Today I’m going to tell you about the ownership of Cartoon Network.

Who Owns Cartoon Network?

The Cartoon Network is owned by Warner Bros. Warner Media & Discovery (WBD), a company formed following the merger of Warner Media and Discovery Inc. in 2022.

The channel was initially owned by Turner Broadcasting System, but after the merger of the company with Time Warner in 1996, the ownership went to Time Warner.

Time Warner changed multiple hands, including AT& T, until it reached its current form.

Who founded Cartoon Network?

Cartoon Network was founded by Ted Turner in 1992, with Betty Cohen as its first president. CN was started as a 24-hour cable channel to broadcast animated shows.

The channel was initially called The Cartoon Network, but after 1995 the name was changed to simply Cartoon Network, which is still used.