Who Owns AT&T? (2022)

AT&T is one of America’s most valuable and largest corporations. The company is the third largest provider of mobile telephone services in the US. AT&T is also the world’s largest telecommunications company by revenue.

The company reported about $168 billion in revenues and $20 billion in net profits in 2021.

The sheer size of the company makes people wonder about its ownership. Today, in this article, I’m going to tell you exactly that.

Who Owns AT&T?

As of 2022, AT&T is owned by The Vanguard Group. The Vanguard Group owns a majority of 8% of AT&T.

Randall L. Stephenson is the largest individual owner of AT&T. Stephenson was CEO of AT&T from 2007 until recently.

Initially, AT& T was owned by Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Watson and Gardiner Hubbard.

Who founded AT&T?

Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Watson, and Gardiner Hubbard founded AT&T in 1875 as the Bell Telephone Company.

Of which, one of the subsidiaries was the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). Incorporating its parent assets in 1899, AT&T adopted the current name.