Who Owns Acura? (2022)

Acura is an automotive brand focused on performance and luxury. The brand is owned by Japanese automaker Honda. The brand was launched in 1986 and in its first year of operations it outsold BMW and Mercedes.

Who Owns Acura?

Acura is owned by Honda. It was the first luxury performance division of the Japanese automaker. Launched in 1986, the brand outsold established luxury marques like BMW and Mercedes in its first year of operations.

The brand witnessed sales decline in the mid 1990s, but after the introduction of new models and redesigns of existing models, the brand was successfully revived in the 2000s. The brand’s Acura MDX is America’s second-best selling midsize luxury SUV.

Who founded Acura?

Acura was founded by Honda to sell luxury cars in 1986.

The brand’s first car was the Acura Legend, followed by the Acura NSX. Acura offered a reliable and practical alternative to expensive European exotic cars.