Who Owns ABC? (2022)

ABC is one of America’s biggest television networks. The network is also among the big three television networks along with NBC and CBS. The network has more than 230 affiliated television stations throughout the nation.

Due to ABC’s big size and sheer viewership, people often wonder who owns ABC or who founded it.

Today I have tried to give answers to all your questions related to the ownership of ABC.

Who owns ABC?

ABC is currently owned by The Walt Disney Company. In 1996, Disney merged with ABC in a deal valued at $19 billion.

Before Disney, ABC was owned by Capital Cities Communications. ABC and Capital Cities Communications merged to form Capital Cities/ABC in 1986.

Who founded ABC?

Present ABC was founded by Edward J. Noble in 1943 after he acquired NBC Blue from the Radio Corporation of America in 1943.

He initially founded the company as American Broadcasting Systems, but he adopted the name American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. after he acquired the rights to the American Broadcasting Company name.