Who Is The Owner Of BlackRock? (2022)

The Vanguard Group is the majority owner of BlackRock. The investment manager owns 12,236,134 shares of BlackRock, which translates to 8.05% of total outstanding shares.

NumberOwnerNo. of Shares
1.The Vanguard Group12,236,134
2.Capital World Investors7,799,669
3.Laurence D. Fink608,271
4.Susan L. Wagner429,239
5.Robert S. Kapito264,268
6.J. Richard Kushel155,844
7.Robert L. Goldstein43,928
8.Murry S. Gerber42,025
9.Gary S. Shedlin17,690
10.William E. Ford11,915

Top 5 Largest Individual Owners of BlackRock

NumberOwnerNo. Of Shares
1.Laurence D. Fink608,271
2.Susan L. Wagner429,239
3.Robert S. Kapito264,268
4.J. Richard Kushel155,844
5.Robert L. Goldstein43,928

Larry D. Fink

Larry Fink is the largest individual owner of BlackRock. He owns 608,271 shares of BlackRock as of 2022.

Larry Fink is the current Chairman & CEO of BlackRock. He along with 7 other partners founded the company in 1988. Before BlackRock, Fink was a Managing Director of The First Boston Corporation.

Fink has a BA degree from UCLA, earned in 1974 and a MBA from UCLA, earned in 1976.

Susan L. Wagner

Robert S. Kapito

Rob Kapito is the President and a Director at BlackRock.

J. Richard Kushel

Robert L. Goldstein

Robert Goldstein is the COO & Global Head of BlackRock Solutions of BlackRock. He is the fifth largest individual owner of BlackRock, mainly derived from his ownership of 43,928 shares of BlackRock.

Goldstein assumed the role of COO in 2014, prior to which he was Head of Institutional Client Business of BlackRock. He started his career with BlackRock in 1994 as an analyst.

Robert Goldstein has a BS, magna cum laude, in economics from Birmingham University, which he earned in 1994.

Who owns BlackRock?

BlackRock is majority owned by investment manager The Vanguard Group. Larry Fink is the largest individual shareholder and controller of BlackRock.