Where is Jean Hilliard Now? (2022) Wiki

When you try to find out about Lengby, a small town in Minnesota on Google, one result pops out on the top, of Jean Hilliard.

Who was Jean Hilliard?


Jean Hilliard is a 60 year old woman, who miraculously survived an incident, that happened more than 42 years ago in 1980. The incident made headlines because how can somebody survive after living completely frozen for over six hours. We’ll dig more into it, later. She is the daughter of Bernice Hilliard & Lester Hilliard.

What happened to Jean Hilliard in 1980?

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So, Jean was driving towards his parent’s house on Dec. 20, 1980, but the car hit a ditch and she tried to ask others for help, before collapsing infront of a house of local cattle rancher, who was also her friend.

Nelson then tried to take her hospital after finding her, but couldn’t fit her log hard body on to cab, so they took the women’s car, he caller for help.

After reaching a nearby hospital, Doctors were confused as the body eas so hard, they couldn’t peirce their needles to inject IV and kept breaking their needles.

Doctors even considered, amputating her legs & arms to prevent infection from frostbite.

They thought she was already dead, but kept warming pads on anyways, untill she finally woke up next morning in spasms. By noon, she started talking, not clearly though.

What Jean Hilliard said about the incident?

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While the case served as a hot story for a lot of newspapers, for Jean it was simple affair. She told the MPR news in 2018 that she went to meet some of her friends and then headed for home midnight.

Hilliard then decided to take a shortcut in her Ford LTI, but the car slid into a ditch. She knew one of her friend living nearby, so she started walking. After walking long distances, she couldn’t find her friend’s home. She said, she was more frustrated than scared.

But, she did found her friend’s home, but collapsed just before reaching it and then everything went black.

Is Jean Hilliard Still Alive?

Yes, Jean is still alive & she she works at a Walmart.

Where is Jean Hilliard Now?

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In an 2018 interview, she said she lives in Cambridge, Minnesota. She married & the couple has two kids, before their divorce. She currently works at a Walmart.