WATCH: Dolphin Attacks Trainer During Miami Seaquarium Show in Horrifying Video

This chilling video shows a dolphin attacking a trainer, tossing her body violently through the water, & reportedly sending her to the hospital.

Keeping wild animals in captivity and forcing them to perform shows for tourists has long been controversial. While animal rights activists are outraged by the practise, it continues to be widespread. Now, a terrifying video has surfaced showing a dolphin attacking her trainer in front of a scared audience at an aquarium.

The video became viral on the internet, and PETA, an animal rights organisation based in the United States, published it on Twitter. On Saturday, the event occurred at the Miami Seaquarium, where dolphins were being forced to perform for the audience.

In the video, a dolphin is seen attacking and smashing against her trainer as she tries to flee the tank. Before reaching the edge, the trainer is thrashed around fiercely by the dolphin.

According to the New York Post, a tourist named Shannon Carpenter videotaped the terrifying experience and afterwards published it on social media. One of the trainers, who is shown being assaulted in the video, was repeatedly hit by the dolphin and even dragged underwater, according to Shannon.

He went on to say that the children in the audience were oblivious to the fact that the show had gone awry and were cheering. The grownups, on the other hand, were scared when they saw a dolphin assault its trainer. According to reports, the trainer was left in shock after urgently trying to get out of the pool and was consoled by other trainers. Fortunately, the trainer did not suffer any significant injuries as a result of the incident.

The park issued a statement in response to the incident, stating that the dolphin named “Sundace became scared after racing into the trainer,” according to the publication. The dolphin also crashed in the water while performing in the Flipper performance, according to the statement. It went on to say that the encounter was upsetting for both of them, and that the dolphin became agitated and deviated from the routine before striking her trainer.