Visa Company’s Net Worth & Owner (2022)

Visa is one of the world’s largest payments services company with a net worth of $427 billion.

The company allows electronic funds transfers primarily through its branded & co-branded credit & debit cards.

Visa commands 50% of cards markets worldwide, and an aggregate funds transfer of $6.8 trillion as of 2014.

Brief History of Visa

Visa was started in 1958 by Bank of America’s internal think tank led by Joseph P. Williams. The card was started as BankAmericard in response to Mastercard.

In 1970, several of the other banks led consortium took over the management of Visa from Bank of America and renamed it Visa in 1976.

What is the net worth of Visa in 2022?

Visa company’s net worth currently stands at $427 billion at the end of August, 2022. The company’s net worth has grown several folds since its IPO in 2008 at a net worth of $44 billion.

Visa is the 12th most valuable company in the world by Net worth and one of the most profitable companies too, the company’s net profit in 2021 was $12.31 billion.

Visa Company’s Net Worth by Year (2008-2022)

YearMarket cap
2022$427.57 B
2021$469.42 B
2020$482.17 B
2019$416.79 B
2018$299.35 B
2017$266.14 B
2016$186.81 B
2015$186.08 B
2014$161.09 B
2013$140.37 B
2012$99.79 B
2011$67.76 B
2010$48.37 B
2009$60.90 B
2008$44.37 B

Who is the owner of Visa?

Visa is a publically listed company on the New York Stock Exchange and it is owned by its shareholders.

Private equity giant The Vanguard Group is the single largest institutional owner of Visa with 8.83% ownership followed by Blackrock & State Street Corporation.

Top 10 Largest owners of Visa Inc.

The Vanguard Group8.83%
State Street Corporation 4.33%
T. Rowe Price 3.14%
Morgan Stanley2.73%
Geode Capital Management1.90%
Bank of America Corporation1.62%
Massachusetts Financial Services1.49%


Wo is the owner of Visa company?

Private equity company, The Vanguard Group is the largest owner of Visa company.

What is the net worth of Visa company?

As of August, 2022, Visa company’s net worth is $427 billion.

Is Visa a chinese company?

No, Visa is an American company, headquartered in Fresno, California.