Video: Woman Finds Two Giant Pythons Mating Behind Her Microwave

Australia: Australia’s pythons are in their mating season, as one woman discovered the hard way when two appeared concealed amid the appliances on her kitchen counter. The microwave, which had moved on its own, gave her the first hint. Then there was that hideous tail, hanging long over the burner.

When a professional snake handler arrived, the snakes were all tangled up in a big, writhing pile, according to video posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7.

According to Sunshine Coast owner Stuart McKenzie in the video, it’s thought that the huge snakes entered the kitchen through a window located just behind the microwave. He claimed that it is among the least likely places to find a python, much less two of them at once.

The footage shows the homeowner waiting on the porch for him to arrive, apparently uneasy. While the snakes were being removed, she is also heard questioning if it would be safer to stand on a chair.

As of Nov. 4, his video had more than 70,000 views and 1,300 reactions and comments.