Vanilla Sky Is The Only Movie Ever Given Permission To Shut Down Times Square For Any Amount Of Time

Movies featuring entirely empty cities are always a delight to watch. But, what if someone shut Times Square, that too for unlimited amount of time. The opening scene of Vanilla Sky features Tom Cruise running in an empty, errie & lonely Times Square. But, there are few things which make the movie an icon.

Tom Cruise’s movie Vanilla Sky is the only movie ever given permission to shut down Times Square for any amount of time.

In an interview with Vulture, Vanilla Sky’s director Cameron Crowe talked about filming the iconic scene & how do got the permission to shoot.

He said, the movie’s scene was decided to be shot in Times Square, even the movie they adopted had a scene, but from Madrid.

Regarding permission, Cameron talked how they went to Rudy Guilani & his people to get the permission and they did agreed. But on one condition, they said, ‘You! Somebody there has done some research on you, and heard that you do a lot of takes.’

They don’t wanted the crew in Times Square running around with Tom Cruise, with shooting stuff, with no clear plan.

After that, Crowe and his team spent weeks rehearsing for the scene and then finally they shot the scene on a Sunday Morning. They got three hours to shoot that day, but they completed their work in two hours with 1 hour left.

Cameron said, he process went smooth and Times Square continued the way it does, after they packed up.

After them, a lot of people did went to do the same, but their requests were denied, Cameron added.