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Using Circle and Getting a Security Warning! How to fix it

Step by step guide

You can get a large alarming security message while browsing on a network administered by your Circle device or on a device using the Circle VPN. You may receive one of the following problems, depending on your browser:

  • Can’t establish a secure connection…”
  • “Your connection is not private…”
  • “Your connection is not secure…”
  • “Connection not private…”

You can get a very particular error code on your browser, such as:


Finally, you may receive an alert from your computer or browser asking you to trust a certificate from Circle or warning against a local certificate with a common name like Circle002 from Circle Media Inc.

An example of an error message from the Mozilla Firefox browser is shown below.

Why is this happening?

Circle filter page

When the Circle software blocks a website for a device (due to the given profile’s Filter Level, Filter Setting, Pause, Bedtime, Focus Time, etc. ), the browser is sent to our filter page (, etc.).

Secure connection

When a website that uses a secure connection (starts with https://) is Filtered and Circle leads you to our filter page, you may instead see that large terrifying warning.

Circle has caused your browser to become confused, which is why this happens. It sent a request to a secure website and is waiting for a response from that website to check its security. However, the request was intercepted by your Circle software. When Circle does this, it tries to transfer the browser to a separate page to notify the user that they have been diverted, but your browser may not accept this and instead display the security warning.

Don’t be concerned: everything is still safe. Your Circle software is working properly.

How to load the page I was looking for?

You can do a couple of things if you’re being Filtered and the security/privacy warning appears on a page you want to load:

Check your Circle settings

  • Check to see if your profile is paused, in Focus Time, or in Bedtime mode. To check for each of them, open the Circle app and go to the profile your device is allocated to. To see if it was the source of the connection issue, disable it.
  • For the profile, go to the History >> Filtered area. If the website or app traffic you wanted to load appears there, you may need to adjust your Filter Settings, Filter Level, or create a Custom Filter.
  • Devices that have been misidentified and assigned to the incorrect profile may be filtered in ways you didn’t intend. Check that your device is appropriately identified and assigned to the appropriate profile: Using Circle, you may identify and assign your family’s devices.

Check for any network issues

  • It’s possible that your network or equipment is in a bad state. Restart your Circle, router, and device if necessary.
  • If Circle discovers your network devices, assigning them to a profile may cause problems. Unmanage any unidentified or network-connected devices: Devices that are not managed.
  • Using a different form of connection, connect Circle: Ethernet or Wi-Fi

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