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US Steps Up investigation Into Hyundai, Kia Engine Fires

After $137 Million fine, US regulators have further stepped up investigation into engine fires of Hyundai & Kia cars

  • US regulators have stepped up the investigation into engine fires of Hyundai and Kia cars
  • The fire problem in Hyundai and Kia cars are since 2015 when company issued an engine failure recall

In US, Hyundai and Kia are facing tough times due to ongoing investigation by the regulators. The investigation is regarding engine fires in Hyundai and Kia cars. Now, US regulators have further stepped up the investigation into the same. Hyundai says that it is cooperating fully with the regulators in an ongoing investigation.

A Hyundai car on fire in USA

Hyundai, Kia Engine Fires Probe

The investigating agency National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) covers more than 3 million cars. These cars were manufactured between 2011 to 2016 year. The agency got 161 complaints regarding engine fires. Some fires caused even in already recalled models. This investigation will led to further recalls by Hyundai and Kia in US.

Since 2015, engine fires and failures continued, when company issued a recall for engine failure. The car fires involve some popular Hyundai models like Sonata, Santa Fe and Elantra. From Kia, models like Sorento, Optima, Soul as well as Rio suffered engine fire problems.

In November 2020, NHTSA announced a fine of $137 million on both Hyundai and Kia. This is because they were slow at recalling 1 million cars with possibility of an engine failure.

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