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Unhappy Tesla Model S Owner Blows Sedan With 30 kg Dynamite

A Tesla Model S owner from Finland decided to blow up his sedan after hefty $22,480 battery replacement cost

  • Tesla Model S was blown up by a owner from Finland due to hefty battery replacement cost
  • The car was blown with 30 kg of dynamite

An unhappy Tesla Model S owner from Finland has blown it’s sedan. This move comes after hefty battery replacement cost which infuriates owner to do so. To garner the world’s attention owner used 30 kg of dynamite. It was 2013 model of Tesla Model S which got blown away completely. The video has been shared on YouTube.

Tesla Model S blown up video

Tesla Model S Issues

In this video owner explains multiple issues related to the car. Error codes appearing in the instrument cluster were major one. Hence, owner used a tow truck to get the sedan to Tesla service center. After a month, the owner received response from company that it can’t be fixed without replacing the battery pack. Replacing battery pack would cost him whopping $22,480. The car was already eight years old so there was no warranty available. Hence the unhappy Tesla Model S owner decided to blow up the car completely. His team also put Tesla CEO Elon Musk doll inside the car.

The explosion was so powerful that it barely left any part of the car. The owner seems satisfied with the explosion. He mentioned himself as the first person to blow up a Tesla car.

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