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Ultraviolette F77 E-Bike To Get Real-World Range Of 200km

Ultraviolette F77 will offer a real-world range of 200km at a cost of decreased power output

  • The Ultraviolette F77 electric bike will launch in March 2022 and offer a range of 200km
  • In 2019, Ultraviolette claimed a range if 140km for the F77 which is now 200km, it’s the highest for any electric bike in India

Bengaluru-based EV startup Ultraviolette will launch the F77 electric bike soon. Ahead of launch the company claims to offer real-world range of 200km on the bike. It’s the highest range for any electric bike in India. When Ultraviolette Automotive unveiled the F77 in 2019 they claimed a range of 140km. An improved battery technology has now made the bike to offer real-world range of 200km. The bike has went through a lot of developments. An addition of 60km range exactly shows the same. The F77 is a sportbike that will be primarily focused on the performance.

Ultraviolette F77 Specs

The F77 electric bike gets a very modern design. It’s unlike any other bike that we see in the market. The F77 will get a digital-cluster and it’s not a touchscreen. It gets a 4-button module to access the functions of the cluster. The updated F77 will lose some curves to make it friendly for the mass-production. The headlights will see some changes in bezel design. It will have less power than earlier claimed 33.5 BHP due to additional structural elements. Ultraviolette also claimed 90 Nm torque on the F77, will that change too? Well, The company says that the power and torque change will not be noticeable.

Ultraviolette will make the F77 electric bike available in three variants. The bike price will be in Rs 2 lakh – 2.5 lakh range. Not in March 2022 but Ultraviolette said to launch the F77 in second quarter of 2022. In the first year, Ultraviolette will only produce 15,000 units which will gradually increase to 1.20 lakh models per year. This Ultraviolette is a TVS-backed startup and company has betted heavily on it. Similar to what we see on the Ather Energy backed by Hero MotoCorp.