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Turning red is Disney pixar’s latest film and totally not what happened to me when I got rejected by my prom day director domi. She’s at this film in my hometown of Toronto, Canada, and i’m just a little upset. There weren’t any appearances by drake or Justin Bieber. Imagine if we did a birthday cake waffle timber, this man is a genius. There is, however.

A dreamy boy band by the name of four town, which has got to be a mix of old town and Toronto baseball band before. Yeah, that was a thing, so in this video will be taking a deep dive into turning red. It’s ending Easter eggs, including one’s hinting at the new light year movie and a whole lot more. If I May, here’s our films protagonist, maybe a thirteen year old girl who has developed an unusual skill of turning into my worst nightmare, a furry, her given name, mail-in comes from Chinese, meaning beautiful rose, which I thought was a great choice considering the film’s emphasis on red and accepting who we are all her life may live by one rule.

The number one rule in my family honor your hearings, a theme which is expressed in other Asian focused Disney films such as Milan, you will bring. But as may notes early on, if you live your entire life honoring your parents. You may forget to honor yourself. Our introduction to may is filled with tons of cool Easter eggs. Here, you can see iconic Toronto landmarks like the C N tower and skydome. The film is set in 2002, so if you were to go to Toronto today, this skydome is now called the Rogers center. All hill or corporate overlords make carries with her a tamagotchi. A popular toy from the early 2000, it also acts as a metaphor for the changes may experiences tamagochi would change and evolve with love and care.

Just like may will she calls hers Robert junior, named after one of the singers in for town fun fact my parents couldn’t afford to get me a tamagotchi, so I had to get the knockoff version a dinky dino. The attention to detail about Toronto here is staggering here. The Toronto street cars and they even got the interiors of them correct may school named after Canadian Prime Minister Lester B Pearson. Is where we’re introduced to may’s friends. Miriam abbey and Priya, the daisy mart were green boat, Devon works is an actual chain of convenience stores found around the city. Even the musical notes in the back here play the Canadian National anthem in the background of Chinatown, which Toronto has one of the largest of in North America, we can see bao restaurant named after the short film the director won an Oscar for in 2019.

You can even make up this dragon sculpture in the background called gateway, which marks the main intersection of Chinatown for may. Life is a mix of honoring her parents and being true to herself, at least, that’s what she thinks. Her mother basically has full control over her. I do make my own moves. It’s just that some of my moves. Also, hers, if she’s going to grow into a young woman who makes her own decisions, some big changes are going to have to be made. Let’s introduce sun yi, may’s ancestor, of whom the temple is built around legend says that she asked the gods to turn her into a red panda to protect her family when the men went off to war, and ever since then, the red panda blessing has been passed down to every female in the family. However, this blessing is now seen more as a curse for you Canadians. Out there, you might remember the colors in this logo when they add for the four town concert plays, it’s for much music.

Basically, the Canadian version of M T V, but the real story doesn’t really begin until may turns into her first sona for the first time. Yes, I just said that one of the most crucial scenes of the movie is made literally turning red as her mother embarrasses her in front of dreamy Devon. Revealing her lovey dovey drawings in front of her schoolmates and you know it’s a Canadian convenience store when they sell maple zeros, it’s here. We can really see how may’s mother, ming is overprotective of. Daughter, she constantly keeps watching her at school and forbids anything that may dishonor the family, and it’s the day after this huge embarrassment that May 1st turns into this panda. With her mother mistaking means odd behavior as her getting her first period. God, okay, it’s happening. Me will soon find out that it’s not just embarrassment, which turns her into a red panda, but any heightened emotion.

Thus, maze turning becomes a metaphor for her having no control over her life or her own choices, just like she has no control over her life. She also has no control over the panda, but when her mom finds out, may has this mystical power. It’s time to tell her the truth. This is an affliction that runs in the family, but there is a cure at the next red moon, a ritual can be performed to trap the panda forever. Which is something all the women in the league family have done, but there’s just one problem. The big four town concert that she wants to go to more than anything ever is before the ritual. If she can prove to her mom that she can control this panda, maybe she can go. She even makes a sweet slide show. There’s just one other problem. The tickets cost 200 bucks each. So maybe devises a plan to hustle her panda and sell merch for some sweet sweet loonies and Tunis. Yes, our money is called loonies and Tunis, but every time maybe let’s out the. Panda, it will make the ritual harder to perform. Each time you do, the stronger it gets. And then you’ll be bound to it forever when mean discovers that her daughter has been secretly using her Panda power, she shows up at this guy Tyler’s place.

We don’t like Tyler and chastises her friends were putting me up to this and may has the opportunity to tell the truth to her mother and explain it was actually all her idea, but mate doesn’t, as she’ll say later on, her obsession with her mom’s approval was too strong. I’ve been like obsessed with my mom’s approval. My whole life. I couldn’t take losing it, losing you guys feels even worse. And if things couldn’t get any worse. May find out that the four town concert is the same night as her ritual. So all that hard work she put into going was for nothing. One of may’s aunts makes reference to the number 4 being unlucky in Chinese culture. That’s because it sounds a lot like the Cantonese word for death, although ming also went through this ritual when she was younger, she never opens up to me about her experience. That’s because ming and her mother had a big fight, which it’s implied, resulted in grandmother getting this school. Are over her eye. This is part of the reason why ming is so adamant her daughter banishes the panda. She doesn’t want to see her go through the same pain and falling out that she experienced with her own mother. In typical Disney fashion, there’s always that one character who’s wiser than the rest in turning red.

This falls on may’s father, Jim. He’s a side character for much of the film, but shares a heartwarming scene with his daughter about being different. People have all kinds of science and some signs messy. The point isn’t to push the bad stuff away. Make room for it. It’s the complete opposite mentality of ming and the other women of the family who have pushed away this quote, unquote bad side their entire lives on the night of the red Moon may is ready to undergo the ritual, which involves summoning a portal to maze ancestral plane. It’s there. Her ancestor Sunni. Holds a mirror to her, allowing her to separate the panda from her body, trapping it into the medallion found on Mr gao’s Sword, but actually looks back at this panda that has actually helped her grow as a person. She can’t let go of it. This is one of the first times in the movie where may makes her own decision, finally taking control of her own life. A decision which goes against her mother’s wishes as she escapes her family, her mother’s medallion, which contains her panda cracks and just like may’s panda, appears during moments of heightened emotions, so too does means whose angered her daughter went against her will.

The film’s climax takes place at this guy down where the Toronto Blue Jays play. Hence why a blue j is here and. And what may thought would be a time to make up with their friends and enjoy the soothing sounds of four town goes to hell when her mother’s godzilla like panda bears down on the dome, get it bears down the mean. Tells her daughter that this isn’t who she is, but in an act of defiance may stands up for herself. Very Canadian with all those stories, she knocks her mother road. But if they’re going to get her into that ritual, circle may will need the strength of her family to drag her back into it. That’s when her family shattered their jewelry, unleashing their pandas to help me, even for town joins in to help sing, which is all part of the ritual process. I always knew the ancient Chinese had an affinity for boy bands. The plan seems to work and soon may is transported back to the ancestral plane. Where she sees a young version of her mother crying, she’s crying because she hurt her mother, and it’s here. We see what I mean has been such an overbearing and protective mother. She has become the thing she hated while growing up her own mother. I’m just so sick of being.

I’m never going to be good enough for. Or anyone may tells her that it isn’t true and that she’s good enough, and as she leads her back, we see her mother grow older back to her normal age at the portal back to the real world. Her family awaits me and grandmother makeup after all these years. But it’s time for me to make her own final decision on what she’s going to do. I’m finally figuring out who I am, but i’m scared. It’ll take me away from you, her mother says not to hold herself back and that she couldn’t be prouder, and with that. Man embraces her panda and decides to have it be a part of her. May’s family have their pandas in that colorful new assortment of containers like mings in may’s old tamagochi and grandmothers in a four town necklace, the damage of the sky dome runs in the millions of dollars, so naturally. The Lee family turns the temple into a tourist attraction, now equipped with the red panda herself to help pay off the bill. Me ends posing a question to us, the viewer, we all have an inner, wild and weird side that we keep in away a lot of. Let it out. But may embrace hers and grew as a person because of it. Will you keep yours hidden, or will you let yours out now for some more fun with extra Easter eggs, Tyler here? Where’s a number 15 purple basketball jersey, which was the number of star player Vince Carter for the Toronto Raptors back in 2002.

The bag sport backpack here is a playoff, a popular backpack brand, jansport. Here’s a topic that miniature skateboard in the back. Here we can see a little stuff bear with a maple leaf on it, a not to the Toronto Maple leaves hockey team. This actually appears throughout the film like here in the background in Chinatown, a twilight spoof nightfall by author Roberta mayor. The real author’s name is Stephanie mayor in names room on her notepad. We can see a burrow bunny sticker in a pearl plushy on her desk, which are characters from Disney pixar’s spark shorts program. Which was created to highlight new storytellers and how about some delicious Tim Hortense timbits. A Canadian delicacy, and you know, Pixar always loves to throw in Easter eggs for their upcoming movies. In this case, it’s light year, which you can find the logo for star.

And on the back of Miriam skateboard. There’s almost always a pizza planet Easter egg like here when may’s trying to make it to the concert another staple, a 1 1 3, the number of the Pixar animation classroom at the California Institute of the arts. Which can be found on the four town ticket in the end credits, avid character also looks like she’s dressed like booze door from monsters, Inc, and last but certainly not least, this one took me forever to find. But the luxxe o ball, which can be found floating in the pool during the party scene, that’s it for this video like and subscribe to help the channel out and leave a comment on what you thought about the movie or if you found any extra Easter eggs, thanks for watching everyone. And we’re more bad takes, you can always follow me on twitter and instagram acting story by T until next time. Remember.