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Toyota Beats GM As The Best Selling Car Brand In USA

In 2021, Toyota emerges as the best selling car Brand in the USA with total 2.3 million vehicles sold

  • Toyota sold 2.332 million vehicles in the USA which is more than the 2.218 million vehicles sales of GM
  • The sales of GM were down 13 percent for 2021 while Toyota registered 10 percent growth

Japanese automaker Toyota has beaten General Motors (GM) in sales for the year 2021. Now the Toyota is the largest carmaker in the US market. In 2021, Toyota sold total 2.332 million vehicles while GM total sales stood at 2.218 million vehicles in USA. Last year, GM registered 13 percent drop in sales, on the other hand Toyota sales grew by good 10 percent in the same period. In 2020, GM sales were at 2.55 million which was good as compared to Toyota’s 2.11 million. Ford sales in 2020 stood at 2.04 million.

Toyota vs GM

General Motors (GM) has been the largest carmaker in USA for more than 90 years. In 1931, GM surpassed Ford to become the largest carmaker till now. As per the sales report, Toyota has dethroned GM for the largest carmaker tag in the USA. But the company has no plans to use this achievement in any kind of advertising. Toyota said that it is not sustainable and they can’t retain the sales lead in the US market. The company had been credited to dodge the chip shortage better than other automakers. Chip shortage is the main reason behind the sales drop of General Motors.

General Motors (GM) said that supply of semiconductors will improve this year. So GM is expecting a good growth in 2022. On full-size SUVs and pickup trucks, the company focused the most. These are the most profitable models for the company. In 2021, the total industry sales stood at 15 million vehicles. Toyota grabbed the biggest pie with 2.3 million vehicles alone.