Top 7 YouTube Channels Like BuzzFeed Unsolved

All entertainment sites, including YouTube, where there are several opportunities to satisfy your true crime cravings, are flooded with real crime content.

For the finest true crime YouTube channels for thrills and chills, scroll down to find our selection.

Top 7 Youtube Channels Like BuzzFeed Unsolved.

1. Bailey Sarian

True crime and makeup may not seem to go together naturally at first, but bear with me.

YouTuber Bailey Sarian combines her two interests to create captivating and factual videos on a variety of topics, including lesser-known unsolved mysteries and in-depth analyses of the horrific deeds of serial killers like The Son of Sam and Ted Bundy.

She also shows viewers how to apply the perfect winged eyeliner.

2. Vintage Files

If you belong into the kind of true crime enthusiasts who find the earlier cases a little simpler to understand, this YouTube real crime series is the one for you.

Prepare to get your web sleuthing on as Vintage Files investigates old crime scenes, cases, and killings in addition to a fair dose of unresolved cases.

3. Crime Watch Daily

The True Crime Daily podcast, an extremely in-depth look into missing persons and criminal cases, is hosted by journalist Chris Hansen.

The production quality of this YouTube podcast is at a very high level, making it the one that most closely resembles a TV broadcast.

It features a tonne of interviews, fantastic editing, and you will fall head over heels for it.

4. Lordan Arts

An fantastic YouTube channel called LordanArts explores historical cases, unsolved mysteries, and situations involving missing persons.

The show is host truly puts a lot of effort into the research, talking about cases you have probably never heard of before. One that is ideal for true crime experts.

5. Rob Dyke

Rob Dyke is a YouTuber who has a great variety of video to provide. He particularly specialises in the writing of spooky tales, mysteries, unsolved crimes, and murders.

Dyke also accepts contributions from fans, so his show has a wide range of stories and will undoubtedly present examples you have never heard of.

6. Criminally Listed

The fact that this edit combines YouTube, actual crime, and, as the title implies, perfectly brief lists, makes it the most Millennial of all the offerings.

Additionally, there are many genuine crimes that they look into in depth.

Think of Criminally Listed as a list of true crime stories from YouTube. I hate heaven.

7. Morbid Minds

The most horrifyingly interesting cases—those that will have you grabbed tight—are what the Morbid Minds YouTube channel is all about.

You may expect both current cases and historical ones; they even offer videos about Roman emperors.

In conclusion, this is not a book for the weak of heart; rather, it is for the ardent supporter of uncut true crime.


With all these alternatives, all you need to start devouring true crime is a good wifi connection, some snacks, and an evening to yourself. Just make sure the door is locked.