Top 7 Largest Planes In American Airlines Fleet

American Airlines is the largest Airline in the world measured by fleet size. The company operates 6,800 flights per day through its 913 planes strong fleet.

Its fleet mainly consists of narrow bodied aircrafts like Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s. Today we have compiled the list of largest planes in American Airlines fleet.

Top 7 Largest Planes In American Airlines Fleet

1.Boeing 777-300ER304
2.Boeing 787-9285
3.Boeing 777-200ER273
4.Boeing 787-8234
5.Airbus A321neo196
6.Airbus A321-200190
7.Boeing 737-800172
Source: Wikipedia

1. Boeing 777-300ER

Largest Plane in American Airlines Fleet

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

The B-market variant of the -300 is called the 777-300ER (ER stands for Extended Range). With 396 people seated in two classes, it can travel a maximum distance of 7,370 nautical miles (13,650 km) because to its greater MTOW and expanded fuel capacity.

The 777-300ER has stronger wings and fuselage, enlarged and raked wingtips, and updated main landing gear. The aspect ratio of its wings is 9.0. The GE90-115B turbofan, the most powerful jet engine in the world with a maximum thrust of 115,300 lbf, powers it (513 kN).

American Airlines operates 20 of its flagship Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, with 304 seating arrangement.

2. Boeing 787-9

2nd Largest Plane in American Airlines Fleet

The 787-9 maintains the same wingspan as the 787-8 but is a lengthened and strengthened version with a 20 feet (6.1 m) longer fuselage and a 54,500 pound (24,700 kg) higher maximum take-off weight (MTOW).

It has a range of 7,635 nautical miles (8,786 mi; 14,140 km) and can carry 296 passengers in a typical three-class configuration. It has tail surfaces with active boundary-layer control, which lowers drag. It will eventually take the place of the Boeing 767-300ER.

American Airlines currently operates 22 Boeing 787-9 aircrafts and 30 on orders with 285 seating arrangement.

3. Boeing 777-200ER

3rd Largest Plane in American Airlines Fleet

The B-market 777-200ER (“ER” for Extended Range), formerly known as the 777-200IGW (“increased gross weight”), has a higher MTOW that enables transoceanic trips.

It has a 7,065 nmi (13,084 km) range with a 658,000 lb (298 t) MTOW and 93,700 lbf (417 kN) engines. On February 6, 1997, British Airways became the first recipient of it. As of 2019, 33 clients received 422 delivery, and no orders remained unfulfilled.

American Airlines currently operates 47 Boeing 777-200ER aircrafts with 273 seating arrangement.

4. Boeing 787-8

4th Largest Plane in American Airlines Fleet

The 8 is the base variant of the 787 family and was the first to enter service in 2011, with an usual capacity of 242 passengers and a range of 7,355 nautical miles (13,621 km; 8,464 mi).

The Boeing 787-8 is intended to take the place of the Boeing 767-200ER and open up new nonstop markets where larger aircraft would not be commercially viable.

American Airlines currently operates 24 Boeing 787-8 aircrafts and additional 12 on orders with 234 seating arrangement.

5. Airbus A321neo

5th Largest Plane in American Airlines Fleet

Due to a higher Maximum Takeoff Weight, this Airbus A320 model with an extended fuselage features structurally strengthened landing gear and wings, increased wing loading, and other minor improvements.

1,920 more orders for the A321neo were placed by January 2018 than for the A321ceo. By this point, orders for the A320neo family accounted for 32% of total orders; orders for the original A321 accounted for only 22% of orders for the A320ceo family.

American Airlines currently operates 58 Airbus A321neo aircrafts and additional 12 on orders with 196 seating arrangement.

6. Airbus A321-200

6th Largest Plane in American Airlines Fleet

In 1995, Airbus started working on the heavier, longer-range A321-200 to extend the A321’s transcontinental US range. This was accomplished by installing one or two optional 2,990 L (790 US gal) tanks in the rear underfloor hold, installing greater thrust engines (V2533-A5 or CFM56-5B3), and minor structural strengthening.

The extra gasoline tanks brought the overall volume up to 30,030 L. (7,930 US gal). The A321-200 maximum takeoff weight was likewise boosted by these improvements to 93,000 kg (205,000 lb). In April 1997, Monarch Airlines began using this type after it made its first flight in December 1996.

American Airlines currently operates 218 Airbus A321-200 aircrafts with 190 seating arrangement.

7. Boeing 737-800

7th Largest Plane in American Airlines Fleet

A stretched-out variant of the Boeing 737-700 is the 737-800. It took over for the 737-400. The Airbus A320 is the main rival of the Boeing 737-800.

In a two-class configuration, the 737-800 can accommodate 162 passengers, or 189 in a one-class configuration. It was Launched on September 5, 1994.

American Airlines currently operates 304 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts with 172 seating arrangement. Also, Boeing 737-800 makes the largest part of American Airlines fleet.

Which is the largest aircraft of American Airlines?

Boeing 777-300ER is the largest aircraft in American Airlines fleet.

How many planes do American Airlines have?

American Airlines have 913 planes in its fleet.