Top 7 Good News Instagram Pages To Follow

In life we all seek positivity & love and a lot of time we don’t get that love & warmth from people or our surroundings. After which, we start to feel down & depressed.

In such situation, watching uplifting & wholesome content can surely help. You can simply follow some good news Instagram pages & watch the posts in your feed every time you feel down.

Top 7 Best Good News Instagram Pages To Follow

1. Good News Movement

Good News Movement is undoubtedly the best best Instagram page to refresh your mood. The page has over 4.3 million followers & posts on daily basis. Along with uplifting content you will also find really uplifting comments on posts too.

Instagram: (@goodnews_movement)

2. Upworthy

Upworthy is not just a page, it’s a whole company dedicated to bring the most positive news & videos on your feed. The page has over 3.8 million followers & posts on daily basis.

Instagram: (@upworthy)

3. TanksGoodNews

TanksGoodNews is another Instagram page dedicated to positive & uplifting posts only. The page boasts over 2.8 million followers & posts uplifting content on daily basis.

Instagram: (@tanksgoodnews)

4. Goodnewsdog

With over 1.4 million followers GoodNewsDog is also one of the best Instagram pages for wholesome content & good news. While the page does posts daily, it’s not as active as Good News Movement.

Instagram: (@goodnewsdog)

5. The Happy Broadcast

The Happy Broadcast is a Instagram page sharing only good news through beautiful Illustrations. The page is owned & managed by Mauro Gatti. Gatti also draws the illustrations on the page.

Instagram: (@the_happy_broadcast)

6. So, Informed

So, Informed is not just another Instagram page sharing good news. While the page does shares good news, it also addresses social issues & shares content for self care. Overall a nice page!.

Instagram: (@So.informed)

7. The Dodo

The Dodo is a Instagram page telling uplifting animal stories only. Yes, it’s animals specific but it may help someone seeking positivity. The page is filled with animals having fun, rescuing animals & more.

Instagram: (@thedodo)