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Top 7 Airlines by Number of Employees in U.S.

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Top 7 Airlines by Number of employees in the US

American Airlines has the highest number of emplyees among US airlines. American Airlines has total of 123,000 employees at the end of financial year 2021.

RankingAirlineNumber of Employees
1.American Airlines123,400
2.United Airlines84,100
3.Delta Airlines83,000
4.Southwest Airlines55,093
5.Alaska Air21,691
6.JetBlue Airways17,459
Source: Fortune 500

Top 7 Airlines by Revenues in the US

As of FY21, Delta Airlines is the biggest US airline company. The Airline reported revenues of $29.8 billion in 2021.

RankingAirlineRevenues (2021)
1.Delta Airlines$29.8 billion
2.American Airlines $29.8 billion
3.United Airlines $24.6 billion
4.Southwest Airlines$15.7 billion
5.Alaska Air$6.1 billion
6.JetBlue Airways$6 billion
7.Spirit Airlines$3.2 billion
Source: Fortune 500

Top 7 most profitable airlines in the US

Airline Industry operates on very thin margins and even a slight disruption can pull the companies into losses. This year due to COVID-19 similar things happened and almost all airlines suffered. But, Southwest Airlines did managed to report $977 million in profits in 2021.

RankingAirlineNet Profit (2021)
1.Southwest Airlines$977 million
2.Alaska Air$478 million
3.Delta Airlines$280 million
4.Skywest$111 million
5.JetBlue Airways-$182 million
6.Spirit Airlines-$472 million
7.United Airlines-$1.9 billion
Source: Fortune 500

Top 7 most valuable airlines in the US

By market value, Southwest Airlines again topped the list. The airline has market capitalization of $27.1 billion at the end of fy21, closely followed by Delta Airlines with $25.3 billion in market value.

RankingAirlineMarket Value (March 31,2022)
1.Southwest Airlines$27.1 billion
2.Delta Airlines$25.3 billion
3.United Airlines $15 billion
4.American Airlines $11.8 billion
5.Alaska Air $7.3 billion
6.JetBlue Airways $4.7 billion
7.Spirit Airlines$2.3 billion
Source: Fortune 500

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