Top 25 Largest Wind Farms in Texas

Wind energy is one of top three energy sources for the State of Texas. As of 2019, 17.3% of total energy was derived from wind in Texas. Texas has over 150 wind farms with total capacity of 30,000 MW as of 2020. Also, Texas produces more wind energy than any other US state.

The largest Wind Farm in Texas is Los Vientos Wind Farm. The farm is located in Starr, Willacy and has a capacity of 912 MW. The farm is also the second largest wind farm in the United States, second only to Alta Wind Energy Center in California.

Top 10 Largest Wind Farms in Texas are following:

  1. Los Vientos Wind Farm
  2. Roscoe Wind Farm
  3. Javelina Wind Energy Center
  4. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center
  5. Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm
  6. Peñascal Wind Power Project
  7. Sweetwater Wind Farm
  8. Buffalo Gap Wind Farm
  9. Spinning Spur Wind Ranch
  10. South Plains Wind Farm

Top 25 Largest Wind Farms in Texas

1.Los Vientos Wind FarmStarr, Willacy912 MW
2.Roscoe Wind FarmRoscoe781 MW
3.Javelina Wind Energy CenterWebb, Duval748 MW
4.Horse Hollow Wind Energy CenterNolan, Taylor735 MW
5.Capricorn Ridge Wind FarmCoke, Sterling662 MW
6.Peñascal Wind Power ProjectKenedy605 MW
7.Sweetwater Wind FarmNolan585 MW
8.Buffalo Gap Wind FarmNolan, Taylor523 MW
9.Spinning Spur Wind RanchOldham, Potter516 MW
10.South Plains Wind FarmFloyd500 MW
11.Hale Wind FarmHale478 MW
12.Panther Creek Wind FarmBig Spring457 MW
13.Lone Star Wind FarmShackelford, Callahan400 MW
14.Panhandle Wind Farm (I & II)Carson400 MW
15.Papalote Creek Wind FarmSan Patricio380 MW
16.Stephens Ranch Wind Farm (I & II)Borden, Lynn376 MW
17.KarankawaPatricio/Bee307 MW
18.Green Pastures Wind Farm (I & II)Baylor, Knox300 MW
19.Jumbo Road WindCastro300 MW
20.Prairie Hill Wind ProjectLimestone, McLennan300 MW
21.Santa Rita Wind EnergyReagan300 MW
22.Sherbino Wind FarmPecos300 MW
23.Tahoka Wind FarmLynn300 MW
24.Miami Wind Energy CenterRoberts, Hemphill, Gray, Wheeler289 MW
25.Gulf Wind FarmKenedy283 MW

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