Top 15 Largest Consulting Services Companies in US

Accenture is the largest consultancy services company in the United States. The company Market Cap was $182 billion as of July, 2022. Accenture also ranks among world’s largest employers, the company employed 710,000 people worldwide as of July, 2022. The company serves 91 out of Fortune 100 companies.

Gartner is the second largest company in the industry, the company’s MCap stands at $20 billion as of July, 2022. The company employed 16,700 people as of July, 2022.

America doesn’t have much IT companies, Indian IT companies like TCS, Infosys & Wipro dominate the industry due to cheap labour. Even Accenture has its highest number of employees located in India.

Top 15 Largest Consultancy Services Companies in the US

RankCompany NameCountryMarket Cap (in millions)
1.Accenture (ACN)Ireland$182,990
2.Gartner (1T)United States$20,293
3.FTI Consulting (FCN)United States $6,330
4.Stantec (STN)Canada$5,243
5.Exponent (EXPO)United States $4,914
6.CBIZ (CBZ)United States $2,231
7.NV5 Global (NVEE)United States $1,963
8.Huron Consulting Group (HURN)United States $1,381
9.Franklin Covey (FC)United States $703
10.Charles River Associates (CRAI)United States $683
11.Hackett (HCKT)United States $634
12.Information Services (11)United States $343
13.Hill (HIL)United States$97
14.ATIF Holdings (ATIF)China$17

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