All You Need To Know About The Eurasian Times (Wiki)

The Eurasian Times is a very popular website for defense & world affairs related news. For defense & geopolitics nerds this website is a boon.

But, the website does leaves a lot of people with questions like Who owns The Eurasian Times? or which country the site belong to? But Eurasian Times Wikipedia doesn’t exists!

So, today we’re going to answer it all, most of the info comes from the website itself, some we’ve arranged from different sources.

Top 10 Facts About The Eurasian Times – Wiki

1. Eurasian Times is an Indian-Canadian website, which mostly publishes defense & world affairs related news & analysis.

2. According to WHOIS database, the domain has been registered on 16th September, 2014. Assuming it’s the site’s founding date, then the site is almost 8 years old.

3. Eurasian Times headquarters are in Canada & it’s mailing address is 21 Laredo Court, Toronto, Canada, M2M 4H8.

4. From its official website, it seems The Eurasian Times has two co-founders, Prakash Nanda & Nitin J Ticku.

5. Prakash Nanda is also the chairman & founding member of The Eurasian Times, he is a JNU alumni.

6. Prakash Nanda is a veteran journalist and has over three decades of experience in the field. He has been visiting professor at FMSH (Paris) & Yonsei University (Seoul).

7. Former Indian Chief of Integrated Defense Staff, Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha is the part of the editorial board of The Eurasian Times. He retired in 2014 as the C-in-C of the Western naval command.

8. Former Indian diplomat, Gurjit Singh is also the part of the editorial board at The Eurasian Times, he has served as ambassador to many countries in a career spanning more than 37 years.

9. Amit Cowshish, a former financial advisor to Ministry of Defense also sits on the Editorial Board of The Eurasian Times. He holds an M.Phil from JNU & LLB from DU, he’s a member of The Bar Council of Delhi.

10. The site receives anywhere between 500,000 to 1 million unique readers every month & it is quite popular source for defense & world affairs related news.


Who is the owner of The Eurasian Times?

According to it’s website, Prakash Nanda & Nitin J Ticku are the co-founders & owners of The Eurasian Times.

Where are headquarters of The Eurasian Times?

Eurasian Times headquarters are located in Canada, but it does maintains a presence in New Delhi, India.

Is Eurasian Times Chinese?

No, The Eurasian Times is not a Chinese website, it’s an Indian owned Canadian website.