Top 10 Countries With Cheapest Gas Prices (2022)

When Gas gets expensive, everything gets expensive. Gas is one of the core parts of any country’s economy, but recently it has became expensive. Various factors are leading to this, but most obvious one is the Russia-Ukraine war undoubtedly.

Gas prices as of July, 2022 is $5.016/gallon in the United States. But do you know you can get the same gas for less than 10 cent in a different country.

This article is exactly about that, today we have compiled a list of countries with cheapest gas prices.

Top 10 Countries With Cheapest Gas Prices as of July, 2022

When it comes to cheap gas, no other country beats Venezuela. Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, even larger than Saudi Arabia’s. But the country grapples with economic issues & sanctions, so they struggle in exporting their most abundant resource.

Gas prices in Venezuela as of today is just $0.08 a gallon. Yes, you read it right, even less than 10 cents a gallon.

CountryGas Prices (US Gallon, US Dollar)
Source: Global Petrol Prices (data as of 4 July, 2022)

If you look closely, most of these countries are fuel abundant countries. That makes sense, but there are also countries with abundant oil, but expensive prices.

One such country is Norway, Norway has large oil reserves makes a lot of money from it too, but despite this Norway has third highest gas prices in world at $9.74 a gallon.

Ever wondered why? Think.