Top 10 Biggest Zoos in Texas

Texas is massive, it’s the largest US state by area. Texas is also lucky to have several of the best & biggest zoos in Americs.

Zoos serve a great place to hangout with family and a great place to show childrens the nature’s creation.

But have you ever wondered, which is the biggest zoo in Texas? Today we have compiled a list of biggest zoos in Texas.

Top 10 Biggest Zoos In Texas

  • With over 2000+ animals and spread over an area of 106 Acres, the Dallas Zoo is the biggest Zoo in Texas by Area.
  • But, when you compare the number of animals, Fort worth Zoo is the biggest zoo in Texas by number of animals.
RankNameAreaNumber of Animals
1.Dallas Zoo106 Acres2000+
2.Caldwell Zoo85 Acres2000+
3.Fort worth Zoo64 Acres7000+
4.Houston Zoo55 Acres6000+
5.Cameron Park Zoo52 acres1731+
6.El Paso Zoo35 AcresNA
7.Gladys Porter Zoo31 Acres1600+
8.Abilene Zoo16 Acres1100+
9.Austin Zoo16 acres300+
10.Texas State Aquarium6.5 AcresNA

1. Dallas Zoo

Biggest zoo in Texas by Area

Credits: Wikipedia

The 106-acre (43 ha) Dallas Zoo, also known as Dallas Zoological Park, is a zoo in Marsalis Park, 3 miles (5 km) south of downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the oldest and biggest zoological park in Texas and is run by the charitable Dallas Zoological Society. It was founded in 1888. More than 2,000 creatures from 406 species live there.

2. Caldwell Zoo

Credits: Wikipedia

The 85-acre (34 ha) Caldwell Zoo is a zoo that is situated near Tyler, Texas. It includes creatures from several zoos. The zoo has over 2000 animals and is spread across an area of 85 Acres.

3. Fort Worth Zoo

Biggest Zoo in Texas by number of animals


A zoo called the Fort Worth Zoo was established in 1909 in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States, with a lion, two bear cubs, an alligator, a coyote, a peacock, and a few rabbits. The zoo now houses 7,000 native and exotic animals, and Family Life magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and USA Today have named it the best zoo in the country. Southern Living Reader’s Choice Awards have also named it one of the best zoos in the South.

4. Houston Zoo

Credits: Wikipedia

The Houston Zoo is a zoological park that spans 55 acres (22 hectares) and is situated in Houston, Texas, in the United States. More than 6,000 animals representing over 600 species are housed in the zoo. It is the second-most frequented zoo in the US with 2.1 million visitors annually. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has granted it accreditation (AZA).

5. Cameron Park Zoo

Credits: Wikipedia

The 52-acre (21 ha) Cameron Park Zoo is a natural habitat zoo near to the Brazos River in Waco, Texas, in the United States. The Cameron Park Zoo, which opened its doors in July 1993, is surrounded by luxuriant native flora that envelops gushing waterfalls, a lovely lake, and ponds. In the middle of all this grandeur, visitors may observe how the wild animals not only survive but also thrive in their natural habitat. Over 1731 animals, representing 300 species from throughout the world, are housed in the zoo’s diversified collection.