Top 10 Biggest Lakes In Texas (2022)

RankLakeSurface Area (acres)
1.Toledo Bend Reservoir185,000 acres
2.Sam Rayburn Reservoir114,500 acres
3.Lake Livingston90,000 acres
4.Falcon International Reservoir 83,654 acres
5.Lake Texoma74,686 acres
6.Amistad Reservoir64,900 acres
7.Richard-Chambers Reservoir41,356 acres
8.Lake Tawakoni37,879 acres
9.Cedar Creek Reservoir32,683 acres
10.Lake Lewisville29,592 acres

Everything is big in Texas, so does it’s lakes. While most of the Texas lakes are manmade, but they’re still huge.

Texas’ biggest lake is Toledo Bend Reservoir, spread across an area of 185,000 acres. It is the largest lake in the south & fifth largest lake in US.

Today, we’ve compiled the list of top 10 biggest lakes in Texas.

Top 5 Biggest Lakes in Texas

#1. Toledo Bend Reservoir – Biggest lake in Texas

Hathorn, Billy/ Wikipedia

The Toledo Bend Reservoir, which has a surface area of 289 square miles or 185,000 acres, is Texas’ biggest lake. However, it is merely a man-made lake, making it the largest man-made lake in the Texas.

The lake, which has a maximum depth of 34 meters, also has the most water in it of any lake in the state.

#2. Sam Rayburn Reservoir – 2nd Biggest Lake in Texas

Ricraider/ Wikipedia

The second-biggest lake in Texas is the Sam Rayburn Reservoir, which has a total surface area of 114,500 acres, or 179 square miles.

Sam Rayburn is a constructed lake, similar to the Toledo Reservoir. The lake is well known for its numerous publicly accessible leisure pursuits, including camping and fishing.

#3. The Falcon Reservoir – 3rd Biggest Lake in Texas

NASA/ Wikipedia

The Falcon Reservoir, also known as the Falcon Lake, is Texas’ third-biggest lake with a surface area of 154.63 square miles. Numerous camping sites are located around this artificial lake, which provides Falcon State Park guests with recreational opportunities.

It was constructed to serve as a source of flood control, irrigation, hydroelectricity, and water conservation during the construction of the Falcon Dam.

#4. Lake Texoma – 4th Biggest Lake in Texas

Lake Texoma/ Wikipedia

Lake Texoma is the fourth biggest lake in Texas that spans Texas and Oklahoma with a surface area of 139 square miles, or 36,000 acres. Numerous little islets in Lake Texoma are home to roughly 70 different species of fish.

Catfish and bass are two of the lake’s more common fish species. Due to the almost 6 million people who come here each year, Lake Texoma is well known among tourists.

#5. Lake Livingston – 5th biggest lake in Texas


Another reservoir that is entirely administered by the Texas Trinity River Authority is Lake Livingston. It is 129.73 square miles in size and is situated in the East Texas Piney Woods. Lake Livingston is fifth biggest lake in Texas.

The lake is Texas’ second-largest body of water that doesn’t border any other states or counties. It was constructed primarily to supply Texas citizens with freshwater, but it is also used for industrial, governmental, and agricultural uses.