Today In History – March 11

Events happened on March 11

March 11, 2004, bomb strike the commuter rail network in Spain’s capital Madrid, the attack linked to the al Qaeda terror network, kills 191 people and wounds more than 2000.

2006. Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic is found dead in his prison cell in the Netherlands of those of its dies while still on trial before a U. N. war crimes tribunal for orchestrating a decade of fighting in the Balkans that killed 250000 people.

1985 in Moscow. Mckale Gorbachev becomes the Soviet Union’s new leader Gorbachev succeeds the late Constantine churn in the Kremlin.

1942 during world war 2, General Douglas macarthur leaves the Philippines for Australia as Japanese forces advance in the Pacific at the time macarthur vows I shall return. He keeps that promise nearly three years later when the allies reclaim the Philippines from the Japanese.

1970. The children. Crosby, stills, Nash and young release their dash of album among the tracks teach your children and our house. Today in history March 11th.

Associated Press