This New York Restaurant Is Run By Grandmas

If you’re craving Italian food in New York, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx, as well as parts of Manhattan, are known for their Italian American populations. Staten Island has about a third of its population of Italian heritage.

This implies that pizza and spaghetti are likely to be on the menu at Enoteca Maria, a tiny family-run restaurant in St. George. You will, but you will also be able to sample a variety of different exotic cuisines.

Traditional Italian fare makes up half of the daily menu, and it’s prepared with all the panache and attention you’d expect. However, depending on when you come, the menu may include items from Japan, Pakistan, Russia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

Enoteca Maria isn’t the strange and demonic fusion eatery that hipsters like. Instead, it’s all part of the restaurant’s owner, Joe Scaravella’s, business plan.

Local grandmothers (or “nonnas,” in Italian) are asked to offer recipes from their homeland on a rotating basis. It’s a one-of-a-kind method born of emotional situations. Take a look at the video below.

YouTube: ABC Localish

There’s no way of knowing what’s on the menu at Enoteca Maria. Japanese dumplings will be served to some clients, while Eastern European goulash will be served to others. There is, however, room for a carefully cooked lasagna. Cooking courses are also available at the restaurant for those interested in learning how to prepare unusual cuisine.

The variety on offer at Enoteca Maria has only one drawback: it has resulted in a demand that exceeds available space. If you’re going to Staten Island, make sure you book well ahead of time.

Typically, every table is reserved weeks in advance. You may not know what’s on the menu when you arrive, but one thing is certain: it will taste delicious. It will be made with care and attention, and will taste exactly like Grandma’s home cuisine.