The Reason Why You Always Get Extra Fries At Five Guys

Going out for a burger is one of those special occasions that you can’t help but anticipate. The flawlessly cooked burgers, special sauces, and milkshakes are all indulgences that elevate the meal to a new level. Above all, don’t forget about the fries. Five Guys is passionate about their fries, preparing them from scratch and always including a little more in the bag. Other restaurants may not even give you a whole cup of coffee. So, what’s the deal? Why does Five usually serve additional fries to their customers?

They cut their own fries from fresh potatoes, and depending on the arrangement of the place, you may have noticed the big bags of potatoes lining the hallways and doorways. They never use frozen fries. For a one-of-a-kind flavour, the world-famous potatoes are then double-fried in peanut oil. After that, they’re properly seasoned before being scooped into the white cups. However, there is always extra in the bag, no matter what size you get. Because you can’t order meals on an eat-in platter and everything is delivered take-out style, every client gets extra fries.

Customers will think they’re getting a fantastic deal if they get those extra fries. Jerry Murrell, the founder of Five Guys in 1986, once claimed that it’s always better for customers to order too many fries than too few. Customers frequently complain about the overabundance rather than the lack of portions, which is exactly what Murrell wants. He’s said in training sessions that if clients don’t complain, it’s because there aren’t enough fries in the bag.

However, it turns out that the company has a secret to how it can afford to always give out extra. In the video below, you can see how they do it.

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