Texas Largest Things

Texas is America’s largest state by area and 2nd largest by population. Yes, everything is large in Texas indeed!

So today we’ve compiled 18 large things in Texas. This list is still incomplete & we will keep adding new things with time.

Texas Largest Aquarium

Wikimedia Commons

Texas State Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the state of Texas. Located in Corpus Christi, the aquarium covers an area of over 6.3 acres. The largest tank in the zoo is of 400,000 gallons. Source

Texas Largest Alligator Gar

Texas Largest Alligator Gar ever was caught in 1953 on a trotline. The Alligator Gar weighed over 302 Pounds or 137 Kg. Source

Texas Largest Amusement Park

Six Flags Over Texas is the largest Amusement Park in Texas. The park is located in Arlington & covers an area of 212 acres. The park has total 45 attractions, 13 roller costers in 3 water rides.

Texas Largest Airports

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the largest airport in Texas, the airport covers an area of 17,207 acres, which is larger than the island of Manhattan. DFW Airport has 5 terminals & 188 gates with sixth terminal under construction. The airport handled 62.5 million passengers in 2021, which also makes second busiest airport in world.

Texas Largest Antique Fair

Original Round Top Antiques Fair is the largest antiques fair in Texas. The fair hosts two semi annual shows and one additional winter show. The Round top antiques fair attracts some of the finest dealers in the state.

Texas Largest Antique Mall

According to onlyinyourstate, Whoopee Bowl Antique Mall is the largest antique mall in Texas. The Antique gallery of Houston & Montgomery Street Antique Mall are also some of the largest antique malls in Texas. Austin has the most antique malls in Texas.

Texas Largest Agricultural Product

Texas largest Agricultural product is Cattle, with the value of $12.8 billion. The state has 248,416 farms & ranches, as of 2017. Cotton, Milk & vegetables also rank among largest Texas agricultural products.

Texas Largest Bat Colony

Daniel Spiess via Wikimedia Commons

Bracken Cave in San Antonio is the largest bat colony in Texas and the world as well. The colony is estimated to contain 20 million bats. The 100 foot cave lies in a 1,521 acre land owned by Bat Conservation International.

Texas Largest Body Of Water

Toledo Bend Reservoir is the largest body if water in Texas. Located on the Sabine River, the reservoir covers an area of 185,000 acres. The lake also ranks the fifth largest water body by surface area in United States. The lake has a maximum depth of 110 feet & average depth of 24 feet.

Texas Largest Banks

According to latest Department of Bank report, Charles Schwab Bank is the largest bank in Texas by assets and total deposits. The bank has total assets of $351 billion & total deposits of $328 billion from Texas.

Top 10 Largest Banks In Texas By Deposits

#1.Charles Schwab Bank$351 billion
#2.JP Morgan Chase Bank$246 billion
#3.Bank of America$165 billion
#4.USAA Federal Savings Bank$121 billion
#5.Comerica Bank$86 billion
#6.Wells Fargo Bank$81 billion
#7.BBVA USA$44 billion
#8.Frost Bank$44 billion
#9.Texas Capital Bank$40 billion
#10.Prosperity Bank$35 billion

Texas Largest Bass

The largest bass ever caught in Texas was caught by Barry Clair in 1992. The Largemouth Bass weighed 18.18 pounds and was 25.50 inches in length. The Bass was caught in Lake Fork, Texas.

Texas Largest Buc-ee’s

Texas largest Buc-ee’s is in Austin and is under construction. The store will be located along Interstate 10 and would cover an area of 75,000 square feet. The store will replace the current Buc-ee’s in Luling, Texas. The store is company’s largest in Texas and the nation as well.

Texas Large Birds

Different sources give different info, but it seems the largest birds in Texas are Bald Eagle, Whooping Crane & American White Pelican.

Texas Largest Cities

Top 10 Largest Texas Cities by Population

  • With a population of 2.3 million, Houston is the largest city in Texas by population.
2San Antonio1,529,133
5Fort Worth892,221
6El Paso679,879
8Corpus Christi326,332

Top 10 Largest Texas Cities by Area

  • Covering an area of 599square miles, Houston is the largest city in Texas by area.
RankLand AreaCity
1.599.59 sq miHouston
2.460.93 sq miSan Antonio 
3.340.52 sq miDallas, TX 
4.339.82 sq miFort Worth
5.297.90 sq miAustin
6.255.24 sq miEl Paso
7.160.61 sq miCorpus Christi
8.143.33 sq miCanyon Lake
9.132.33 sq miBrownsville
10.122.41 sq miLubbock

Texas Largest Counties

Top 10 Largest Counties in Texas by Area

RankNameArea (mi2)
7Val Verde3,144.8

Texas Largest Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns near San Antonio is the largest Cavern in Texas. The site has an impressive 12,000 ratings on Google Maps, which shows it’s popularity.

1.Natural Bridge Caverns
2.Longhorn Caverns
3.Caverns of Sonora
4.Cave Without A Name
5.Cascade Caverns
6.Inner Space Cavern
7.Kickapoo Caverns

Texas Largest Canyon

Leaflet via Wikimedia Commons

Located near the city of Amarillo, Palo Duro Canyon is the largest canyon in Texas. The canyon’s depth is 270 meters but reaches to 300 meters in some places.