Tesla Revenue & Net Profit By Year (2010-2021)

Tesla. Who doesn’t knows Tesla! The company leading the EV race with no significant competition. The company has grown tremendously under leadership of celebrity bussinessman Elon Musk.

Tesla & Elon Musk both are one of the most beautiful success stories.

Tesla made Elon, the richest human on the planet. Elon made Tesla the most valuable automaker on planet.

The company’s valuation at one time was almost $1 trillion, now it has came down significantly. But, it’s still larger than any other automaker.

But, was Tesla growth always like this? Well, maybe not. The company received criticism for its cash burning habits for a while, until posting a profit for the first time in 2020.

Tesla Revenue & Net Profit By Year (2010-21)

YearRevenueNet Profit
2021$53.8 billion$5.5 billion
2020$31.5 billion$721 million
2019$24.5 billion (-$862 million)
2018$21.4 billion(-$976 million)
2017$11.7 billion(-$1.96 billion)
2016$7 billion(-$675 million)
2015$4 billion(-$889 million)
2014$3.1 billion(-$294 million)
2013$2 billion(-$74 million)
2012$413 million(-$396 million)
2011$204 million(-$254 million)
2010$117 million(-$154 million)
2009$112 million(-$56 million)

Tesla Revenue was just $112 million in 2010 & losses of $56 million. 11 years later, in 2021, the company’s revenue was $53.8 billion & net income of $5 billion. Impressive Growth Indeed!.

Tesla Valuation by Year (2010-21)

YearMarket cap
2022$769.51 billion
2021$1.06 trillion
2020$668.9 billion
2019$75.7 billion
2018$57.4 billion
2017$52.3 billion
2016$34.4 billion
2015$31.5 billion
2014$27.9 billion
2013$18.5 billion
2012$3.8 billion
2011$2.9 billion
2010$2.5 billion

Tesla’s mcap has grown gradually over the years, until exploding 783% in just one year to reach $668 billion. This made Elon Musk, the world’s richest man. Elon holds a little over 20% of the company, but due to its sheer size, that 20% is almost $150 billion. That’s too much maths for today, see you in next post.

Tesla FAQs

What was Tesla’s stock price in 2010?

At the end of 2010, the stock price of Tesla was $5.3.

What was Tesla Mcap in 2010?

MCap of Tesla at the end of 2010 was $2.5 billion.

How many times Tesla stock has split?

Tesla stock has been split only one time, in year 2020. The split was 5 to 1, which means every Tesla shareholder got 5 shares for every Tesla shares he owned.