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Tesla loses Roadster chief engineer behind several important vehicle programs to Ford

For more than a decade, Alan Clarke has worked at Tesla.

Tesla has lost its new car programme executive, who was previously in charge of numerous significant technical programmes, and he is now working on Ford’s electric vehicles.

For more than a decade, Alan Clarke has worked at Tesla.

In 2009, he joined Tesla as a senior design engineer and worked on a number of projects, including the famous door handles for the Model S.

On his LinkedIn page, he listed the following projects:

  • Model X – Advanced Engineering, front-to-rear drivetrain integration, high-voltage distribution integration, and production of all closing panels
  • Model S Battery Enclosure Mechanical Design – design and development of aluminium framework and steel covers, including castings, extrusions, and stampings, as well as multiple connecting and sealing technologies.
  • Model S features advanced front and rear suspension and steering design, as well as Catia Kinematic Modeling.
  • Model S Full Vehicle Package – pushed for integration issues to be resolved. Model S Exterior Door Handles Concept Mechanism and First Prototype

Clarke was swiftly elevated to director of new programme engineering, a position he had held for the previous four years at Tesla.

In this capacity, he oversaw several key Tesla initiatives, including “Chief Engineer on the Tesla Roadster Prototype,” vehicle architecture for the Model 3 and Model Y, and engineering for the Cybertruck prototype.

He was mentioned as one of the inventors on a patent for the Cyebrtruck’s retractable solar bed cover, as we previously reported.

After more than a decade at Tesla, he took a position with Ford’s Advanced EV Development Group this week. He’ll be working alongside Doug Field, who spent years as a senior engineer at Tesla before returning to Ford.