Tenant Rejected By Bengaluru Landlord Over Low Class 12 Marks

Due to the influx of software businesses and engineers, Bengaluru is experiencing a surge in demand for rental properties.

However, house hunting for the working class has become increasingly challenging due to rising rents and landlords’ exorbitant security deposit demands.

Landlords are taking advantage of the high demand for homes by pressuring tenants to share unnecessary personal details.

In some cases, prospective tenants are even asked for their LinkedIn profiles, college information, and a brief autobiography.

Tenants in Bengaluru are expressing their housing issues on social media more frequently. A post by a user named Shubh is currently going viral, highlighting a unique issue where a landlord refused to rent a home to a “cousin” in Bengaluru because of low marks in Class 12.

Shubh tweeted, “I can’t believe my cousin brother got denied a rented flat by the owner because he got 75% in 12th grade and the owner was expecting at least 90%.”

The situation is worsening for tenants as landlords continue to ask for excessive personal information and charge high rents.

According to market researchers, landlords in Bengaluru now charge the highest proportion of their property’s value as rent, surpassing Mumbai, India’s financial center.

Overall, the housing situation in Bengaluru is becoming increasingly difficult for the working class due to the high demand and landlords’ weird practices.

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