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Tata Motors Records Highest Ever Sales In January 2022

All thanks to the Tata Nexon and Punch, Tata Motors has now registered highest ever sales of 40,777 models in January 2021

  • Tata Motors sold 40,777 models in January 2022 which is highest ever sales from the brand
  • The Nexon continues to be the best seller while the Harrier & Safari managed to close to 8,000 model sales

The sales of Tata Motors are on roll. In January 2022, the company total sales stood at 40,777 models. This is the highest ever sales from the brand. Tata Motors is confident to cross the 50,000 sales mark this year. Products like the Nexon and Punch are driving the sales of the company. The Nexon continues to be the best selling model crossing the mark of 12,000 per month. Newly launched Punch micro SUV has also breached the 10,000 mark in January 2021.

Tata Nexon Sales

The Nexon compact SUV has become the best selling car in its segment. In December 2021, Tata Motors sold good 12,899 models of the Nexon. In January 2022 too the Nexon has crossed the 10,000 sales mark. Total sales of the Nexon in 2021 stood at 1,08,577 models. For the first time the yearly sales of the Nexon has crossed the 1 lakh mark.

Tata Harrier Sales

In January 2022, Both Harrier and Safari managed to sell close to 8,000 models. In December 2021, the sales of the Harrier were at good 2,234 models while the Safari managed to get 1,481 model sales. Like the Harrier, the Safari also gets the Dark variant. Recently Tata Motors updated the Safari with ventilated seats in first and second row. These two SUVs are flagship from the brand. Out of 40,777 models sold in January 28,108 models were only SUVs.

Tata Punch Sales

Recently launched Tata Punch is also selling in good numbers. In January 2021, the Punch sales were at more than 10,000 models. This makes it one of the best selling products from the brand. In December 2021, the Punch sales were at 8,008 models. The Nexon and Punch are the best selling models from Tata Motors.

Tata Tiago & Tigor CNG Sales

The most fun to drive CNG vehicles available in the market are the Tiago & Tigor CNG. In the month of the introduction, Tata Motors sold over 3,000 models of the Tiago & Tigor CNG. Now both CNG vehicles accounts for 42 percent of the Tiago & Tigor sales. The Tiago sells around 3,500+ models a month while the Tigor sales do around 2,000 models.

Tata Nexon EV Sales

In EVs, Tata Motors is leading the way with the Nexon EV. Tata Motors EV sales stood at 2,892 models in January 2021. The Nexon EV recently crossed the 13,500 sales mark. This makes it the best selling EV in the market. The waiting period on the Nexon EV touches six months. Tata Motors plans to add 10 EVs in its portfolio by 2025.