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Tata Motors Now The Second Largest Car Maker In India

Tata Motors sales jumped 94.95% YoY in 2021 with total 3,31,181 models sold

  • Tata Motors is now the second largest car maker in India as it beats Hyundai in December 2021 sales
  • The sales of Tata Motors in 2021 stood at 3,31,181 models with massive 94.95 percent growth YoY

Tata Motors has beaten Hyundai to become second largest car maker in India. In December 2021, the sales of Tata Motors stood at 35,299 models which is higher than Hyundai’s 32,312 models. So in December 2021, Tata Motors is ahead of South Korean major Hyundai. This makes it the second largest car maker in India, only after the Maruti Suzuki.

Tata Motors Sales December 2021

In December 2020, Tata Motors total passenger vehicles sales were at 23,545 models. This grew up to good 35,299 models in December 2021. So YoY the company registered a massive growth of 50 percent.

In the year 2021, total sales of Tata Motors stood at 3,31,181 models as compared to 1,69,880 models in the year 2020. This is a whopping growth of 94.95 percent YoY. In just one year the company sales almost doubled.

Tata Motors is also focused on the electric vehicles. The brand has two EVs in its portfolio which is the Nexon EV and the Tigor EV. The Nexon EV constitutes most sales as it is the best selling EV in the market. In December 2020, the EV sales of Tata Motors were at 418 models which grew to 2,255 last month. This shows a stellar 439 percent growth YoY. Tata Motors announced to have 10 EVs in its portfolio by 2026.

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