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Seattle Area Economic Summary (2022)

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Unemployment rates in Seattle (2022)

Latest Unemployment Rate in Seattle Metro Area is 2.6% for June,2022.

RegionUnemployment rates (2021)Unemployment rates (2022)
United States5.7%3.3%
Seattle Metro Area4.9%2.6%
King County4.4%1.9%
Snohomish County5.0%2.3%
Peirce County6.2%4.9%

Average weekly wages in Seattle metro area

RankingCounty NameAverage Weekly Wages
1.King County$2,220
2.Snohomish County$1,314
3.Pierce County$1,171

Major Industry Sectors by Employment in Seattle

RankingsIndustry SectorNumber of Employees
1.Trade, transportation, and utilities409,000
2.Professional and business services325,000
3.Education and health services283,000
4.Government 269,000
5.Leisure and hospitality181,000
6.Manufacturing 159,000
7.Information 147,000
8.Construction 134,000
9.Financial activities159,000
10.Other services69,000
11.Mining & logging1,000

Highest paying hourly jobs in Seattle area

Human Resources Managers is highest paid Job in Seattle with hourly wage of $76.84/hour.

RankingOccupationSeattle wageU.S. average wage
1.Human resources managers$76.84/hr$65.67/hr
2.Registered nurses$47.74/hr$39.78/hr
3.Accountants and auditors$44.02/hr$40.37/hr
5.Chefs and head cooks$32.53/hr$27.37/hr
6.Construction laborers$28.00/hr$21.22/hr

Fortune 500 Companies headquartered in Seattle

There are 7 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Seattle. Amazon tops the list, followed by coffee chain Starbucks.

Amazon is the largest company headquartered in Seattle.

Rank in SeattleCompany NameFortune 500 RankRevenue (2021)
1.Amazon#2$469 billion
2.Starbucks#120$29 billion
3.Expeditors #225$8.1 billion
4.Nordstrom #245$14.7 billion
5.Wayerheuser#354$7.53 billion
6.Expedia#404$8.6 billion
7.Zillow#424$8.1 billion
Source: Fortune 500

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