Scuba diver rescued by group of women in mermaid costumes off Catalina Island

Los Angeles: “It was something out of a fairy tale, being saved by a mermaid,” said scuba diver Javier Claramunt.

Pablo Avila lost consciousness near the conclusion of a dive last weekend as he and his father were scuba diving off Catalina Island.

Because these divers are quite skilled and experienced, Javier’s training immediately kicked in and the procedure of saving their comrade began. They had barely begun when a group of mermaids suddenly appeared all around them.

Yes, mermaids.

The pictures are in our article. It turned out that the diver’s situation was discovered by a group of female students nearby taking the advanced PADI mermaid rescue course.

Elaina Marie Garcia, a highly skilled scuba diver and teacher, adds that big groups have developed because the activity—swimming with a mermaid tail—has grown in popularity. However, this is about much more than just breathing heavily and wearing bras made of seashells.

While rehearsing rescue scenarios, the group, which is led by Elaina and operates out of Catalina, occurred to observe Pablo in trouble.

Pablo was given mouth-to-mouth while the group swam to the divers, removed Pablo’s gear, and was then hauled back to the Casino Point stair entry where paramedics were waiting.

Pablo was brought to the island’s decompression chamber, where, after many hours of decompression, he regained consciousness.