Rolls Royce Ghost Was So Quiet The Engineers Had To Make It Louder

In 2020, Rolls-Royce introduced its new Ghost luxury car. The car had all the features of a typical Rolls Royce, like a clean exterior and a simple yet sophisticated interior.

Outside, the body was welded together so that, except from any holes like as doors, it looks like it is constructed of a single piece of metal. To reduce stitching, extra large leather sheets that have been meticulously checked for flaws were employed inside.

But, sometimes too much perfection also becomes uncomfortable. That’s what happened with the car’s noise insulation.

Uncomfortably Perfect

Rolls Royce Ghost

The new Ghost was intended to be a tranquil setting, according to the designers and engineers. However, Rolls-Royce engineers later determined that the interior of the automobile was initially too quiet.

According to the British manufacturer, passengers found the almost complete stillness discomforting because it did not correspond to the motion of the vehicle.

220 pounds of sound-absorbing material, including within window glass and in the tyres, had been added to the vehicle by sound engineers.

To get rid of even the smallest noises that a person would not be conscious of hearing, they had also looked at items like the air vents and windshield wipers.

A strange and unnatural near-total quiet was the outcome. Additionally, this made other noises, like as breathing or clothing rubbing against leather seats, stand out even more.

It was necessary to have a soothing background noise. As a result, the acoustic experts tried to “harmonise” different car sounds so that they would blend into a continuous gentle whisper.

For instance, the seat frames naturally resonated with the car’s body, therefore dampers were installed to control the volume without completely getting rid of the sound.

Additionally, a vent was built to the trunk, letting some of the thrumming bass note produced there escape but, once more, not completely.