‘Robot lawyer’ DoNotPay is being sued by a law firm because it ‘does not have a law degree’

A “robot lawyer” can’t have it easy. DoNotPay, which calls itself the “first robot lawyer in the world,” is now being sued for practising law without a licence. A Chicago law firm named Edelson brought the proposed class action lawsuit against DoNotPay on March 3.

“Unfortunately for its customers, DoNotPay is not actually a robot, a lawyer, nor a law firm. DoNotPay does not have a law degree, is not barred in any jurisdiction, and is not supervised by any lawyer,” the complaint said.

According to Business Insider, Jonathan Faridian filed the lawsuit on his behalf. Faridian reportedly used DoNotPay to draught a number of legal documents, including demand letters, a small claims court filing, and a complaint about job discrimination.

In his lawsuit, Faridian claims that although he believed the legal documents had come from a “lawyer that was competent to provide them,” he instead got “substandard” outcomes.

DoNotPay, an app that was created in 2015 to aid users in contesting parking tickets, can now utilise artificial intelligence to help users with a variety of legal services without seeing a lawyer. DoNotPay, according to its website, can assist users in “suing anyone,” finding hidden funds, and battling corporations.

Joshua Browder, the CEO of DoNotPay, stated on Twitter that these claims lacked any merit and that the company will fight the lawsuit, adding that it would “not going to be bullied by America’s richest class action lawyer.”

DoNotPay announced earlier this year that it intended to utilise artificial intelligence to counsel persons going before a traffic court. He apparently received “threats from State Bar prosecutors,” thus this was obviously postponed.

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