Restraunt Brand International Financial Summary 2021

Burger King Top Management

José E. Cil52Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Dunnigan38Chief Financial Officer
Joshua Kobza35Chief Operating Officer
Axel Schwan48President, Tim Hortons Americas
Tom Curtis58President, Burger King Americas
Sami Siddiqui37President, Popeyes Americas
David Shear37President, International
Duncan Fulton46Chief Corporate Officer
Jeff Housman40Chief People & Services Officer
Jill Granat56General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Jacqueline Friesner49Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

Total Number of Burger King/Tim Hortons/Popeyes Restaurants

Franchise RestaurantsTim HortonsBurger KingPopeyesFireHouse SubsTotal
Sites owned by company and leased to franchisees769663341,466
Sites leased by company and subleased to franchisees2,819740443,603
Sites owned/leased directly by franchisees1,69917,7933,5861,17524,253
Total franchise restaurant sites5,28719,1963,6641,17529,322
Company Restaurants     
Sites owned by company161026
Sites leased by company4353138108
Total company restaurant sites4514138134
Total system-wide restaurant sites5,29119,2473,7051,21329,456

Restaurant Brand International Financial Statements 2021

Revenues (in millions)202120202019
    Sales                                                  $2,378$2,013$2,362
Franchise and property revenues2,4522,1212,381
Advertising revenues909834860
Total revenues5,7394,9685,603
Operating costs and expenses:   
Cost of sales1,8901,6101,813
Franchise and property expenses489515533
Advertising expenses962870865
General and administrative expenses508407406
(Income) loss from equity method investments439(11)
Other operating expenses (income), net7105(10)
Total operating costs and expenses3,8603,5463,596
Income from operations1,8791,4222,007
Interest expense, net505508532
Loss on early extinguishment of debt119823
Income before income taxes1,3638161,452
Income Tax Expense11066341
Net Income$1,253$750$1,111

Tim Hortons Financial Statements 2021

  • Tim Hortons had total revenue of $3.3 billion in financial year 2021.
  • Tim Hortons has a total of 5,291 restraunts worldwide.
Revenues (in millions)202120202019
Franchise and property revenues864745908
Advertising revenues229189232
Total revenues3,3422,8103,344
Cost of sales1,7651,4841,677
Franchise and property expenses337328351
Advertising expenses277204232
Segment G&A1109384
Segment depreciation and amortization (b)126113106
Segment income (c)9978231,122

Popeyes Financial Statements 2021

  • Popeyes had total revenues of $579 million for financial year 2021.
  • Popeyes has total 3,705 outlets worldwide.
Revenues (in millions)202120202019
Franchise and property revenues283263224
Advertising revenues232220176
Total revenues579556482
Cost of sales586165
Franchise and property expenses91114
Advertising expenses235224179
Segment G&A564946
Segment depreciation and amortization (b)7811
Segment income$228$218$188

Burger King Financial Statements 2021

  • Burger King had total sales of $1.8 billion in financial year 2021.
  • Burger King has a total of 19,247 restaurants outlets worldwide.
Revenues (in millions)202120202019
Franchise and property revenues1,3011,1131,249
Advertising revenues448425452
Total revenues1,8131,6021,777
Cost of Sales666571
Franchise and property expenses142176168
Segment Income1,021823994